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News and Current Events

The E911 mapping of Plainfield by the State of New Hampshire Bureau of Emergency Services will begin on or just after Monday August 1st 2016. The project should take about two weeks to complete.  This work will involve a State of NH Vehicle with an Emergency Services seal on the door and flashing amber light on the roof driving around town acquiring GPS data for driveway locations and residences.  The vehicle will not go on posted property and anyone that wishes may opt out of the program by calling (469-3201) or e-mailing the town office ( The goal of the project is to insure the fastest possible response in a time of emergency. The collected data provides a map to the dispatcher so that EMS can be directed right to the home or business where the call originated.  Obviously, should you decide to opt out, the enhanced features that the program will not be available for your property. Plainfield is one of just a handful of town's left in the state that has not been mapped. In our area Cornish, Grantham, Enfield and Hanover have all been completed.


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