A Comprehensive List of Resources


Solar Glossary



Are You Ready For Solar? Seminar presentation



Links to our Utilities Solar pages


New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission

General Information about NHPUC.

New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission

Information about Sustainable Energy in New Hampshire.

Clean Energy Authority New Hampshire Page

Lists many of New Hampshire’s solar installers and links to additional information about available incentives.


A Complete list of local Solar Installers



Energy Efficiency


New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association

NH Saves

Energy Star Appliances and Energy Savings Tips

KillAWatt  Energy Meter - Available for take home use at the  Meriden  and Plainfield Libraries



Guides and Checklists

Think Efficiency and Save

Home Electrical Savings and Planning Guide


Do It Yourself (DIY)

DIY Solar Site Survey

Create your own Solar Site Survey

Scan The Sun

Use your Android phone to calculate solar energy at your site

Solar Sizing

Use the PVWatts calculator to help size your solar system

Solar Sizing 2

Or use this one that is a bit simpler


Energy Calculators

Home Efficiency Calculator

Measure your homes heating efficiency


Financial Cost/ROI Calculators

Excel Spreadsheet

Download this simple excel spreadsheet to determine payback and ROI


Comprehensive Online Calculator

Much more sophisticate calculator allowing you to enter solar parameters as well as financial data





Information about federal tax incentives for residential solar energy.

New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission

Information about New Hampshire’s residential solar electric rebate.


Financing Options




Senate Bill 333

House Bill 1116