Past Workshops and Events

Nov 2014 Community Solar Seminar
An introductory seminar on Community Solar was help on Tuesday, Nov 11. The keynote speaker wass Eric Shenholm, who talked about his experience setting up a 28kW collective solar PV electric system in Saxtons River, VT. The generated power is shared by participating residents of Saxtons River employing group net metering and the installation was done by the residents themselves.

Vermont is way ahead of New Hampshire in that they have established regulations, economic incentives and a supportive legal structures governing alternate energy generation. The rules and regulations governing group net metering are in the process of being revised by the Public Utilities Commission and NH Legislature, and the way community solar may be implemented in NH will very likely be different than in Vermont.

This was one perspective on how collective solar can be accomplished, and touched upon topics such as organizing community project efforts, DIY ground mount installations, and net metering. The goal was to provide informtion so that we are prepared for when community solar arrives in NH.

As a follow up to the Vital Community's Solarize Cornish-Plainfield initiative, our Energy Committees will focus on community solar activities that will take advantage of our own resources to share knowledge about alternative PV installation options, to lower costs of installation, and provide more solar options to more people in our two towns.

May 2014 Wooden Window Restoration
Many of us in Plainfield live in old houses with wooden windows that have become leaky and ill-fitting over the centuries. Frustrated with the draftiness and aware that fuel bill dollars are flying out these cracks, many of us become resigned to the idea that our windows must be replaced. Surprisingly, wood window restoration is an appealing alternative; in terms of durability, energy efficiency, cost savings, environmental benefits and preservation of historical character and craft, wood window restoration with the addition of energy-efficient storm windows may be a more sustainable option.

Several window restorers will be coming to Plainfield during the month of February to evaluate and provide estimates on our Town Hall windows in Meriden. If you would like to arrange a site visit at the same time, or would like to discuss the restoration process, contact a member of the Energy Committee.

For your information, here is a list of window restoration contractors and a list of resources about restoration.