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Q: In addition to fire fighting, what services does the PVFD provide?
A: PVFD volunteers are actively involved in our community.

Chief Frank Currier provides fire prevention information and pamphlets at the 2010 Town Meeting.
Chief Currier mans PVFD table at 2010 Town Meeting.
  • Home fire-safety checks are conducted as requested by members of the community. Contact the chief or deputy chief if you are interested in this service.
  • Smoke detectors are provided to those home owners who need and cannot afford them.
  • Volunteers provide fire prevention and fire safety education to the Plainfield Elementary School students.
  • Volunteers and equipment are provided to insure the safety of our children on Halloween. Trucks with lights flashing are placed at each end of town to slow traffic. Volunteers give out candy and help oversee the house to house search for goodies.

Q: How can I make a tax-deductible donation to the PVFD?
A: Donations are always welcome! Checks can be mailed to: Plainfield Volunteer Fire Department, c/o Frank H. Currier - Treasurer, PO Box 212, Plainfield, NH 03781. If you wish to donate equipment or supplies, contact Frank at 469-3624 to learn what is needed and/or what items can be accepted.

Q: What kinds of volunteers are needed?
A: PVFD is your department. We need help in many areas.

  • Level I Firefighters are prepared to fight structural and wildland fires. The State provides 120 hours of training which is supplemented by regular training exercises at the station. Level I firefighters are the backbone of our volunteer department!
  • Driver / Pump Operators are needed. These volunteers must get our trucks to a fire and get the water flowing. A commercial drivers license (CDL) is required to drive the trucks. Training to operate the pumps will be provided at the station.
  • Apprentice Firefighters provide support at a fire site by getting equipment ready and by providing support to the firefighters outside of the “red zone.” Equipment and safety training will be provided at the station.
  • Station Helpers provide support at the station. They can be equipment managers, computer operators, bookkeepers, cooks, cleaners, or just be available for “duties as assigned.” (If you have a special skill and wonder if we might need your help, ASK!)

Q: How do I find out more about volunteer opportunities?
A: Contact the chief, deputy chief, or any of our corporate officers for more information and/or for an application. Or just drop by at one of our business meetings (1st Thursday of the month at 6:30pm) or at one of our training sessions (1st Sunday of the month at 6:30pm.) Feel free to print an application, complete it, and bring it with you! You can also mail the application to Plainfield Volunteer Fire Department, P.O. Box 212, Plainfield, NH 03781.

Q: What are the requirements for volunteers?
A: All volunteers must be 18 years old, of good character, and physically able to complete their duties.