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Trash & Recycling

Plainfield currently contracts with Casella Waste Systems for curbside collection of refuse and zero-sort recycling.

Additional oppotunities are available at the Lebanon Recycling Center located at 370 Plainfield Road (Route 12-A) in Lebanon, NH.

Call the Town Office with any questions (469-3201)

For more information:
Plainfield Curbside Collection Schedule
Lebanon Recycling Website
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day Flyer

Water Districts

The two water districts in the Town of Plainfield are run independently of the town government, each with its own governing body.
The Meriden Village Water District provides water and sewer service to the Village of Meriden.
The Plainfield Village Water District provides water service to the Village of Plainfield.
Water District Information


Road Agent: Richard Collins 469-3240

Buildings & Additions

Building Permits
Building Inspections

Community Resources & Human Services

Stephanie M. Schell, Community Resource Director
In addition to serving as the town liason with State and National Health Departments and Human Services Agencies, the Resource Director is available to discreetly provide information and assistance to meet the welfare needs of town residents.
Human Services Agencies and Additional Information


  • Do you live in Meriden or Plainfield?
  • Do you need help with a project around your house (i.e. replacing batteries in your smoke detectors, shoveling snow, mowing the lawn or stacking fire wood)?
  • Do you have a neighbor who might need some help?
  • Would you like to provide a visit or a home cooked meal for someone?
  • Do you or a friend need assistance with something ?
  • Do you need a ride to an appointment or to the store?

There is now a group of Caring Neighbors in Plainfield who are willing to lend a hand to those in our community who need a litttle help or assistance. Each member of the Caring Neighbors group is willing to volunteer their time to assist neighbors who need a hand.

If you would like to get more information about this group or to request assistance with something please give me a call at 469-3201 or email

Taxes, Licenses & Registrations

The elected Town Clerk is responsible for vehicle registration services, marriage licenses, dog licenses, and voter registration. In addition, the clerk is resposible for conducting elections and maintaining vital records, including birth certificates and death certificates. These records and services are available at the Plainfield Town Hall in the Village of Meriden.
Taxes, Licenses & Registrations Additional Information

Other Services

Contact the Town Office (469-3201) for information about:
Genealogy Research
Cemetery Lots
Tax Maps